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The LNS web project is underway!

This project is led by people who worked at LNS: writers, photographers, printers of the '60s, '70s, and into the '80s.

We are currently digitizing all the 1968-1981 Liberation News Service publications. To see our progress so far, click on the links below -- complete packets, or individual pages. As you will see, we've made great progress, but still have a ways to go.

You can help this effort:

  • Make a donation to help pay for the digitization and web domain expenses. For instructions, email Liberation.News.Service at gmail.com.
  • Let us know if you have hard-copy packets which fill gaps in the collections you see on this web site.
  • We need volunteers who can help identify missing packets, and volunteers who will be interested in adding metadata to facilitate public searches of the LNS collection.
  • Contact: Liberation.News.Service at gmail.com

About Liberation News Service: Liberation News Service Histories

Packets: Following are links to the LNS bi-weekly publications, known as "packets," in pdf format. Each packet file is named by its date of publication. We will be adding more, through 1981.

1968 Packets
1969 Packets
1970 Packets One packet available so far. More are under construction
1971 Packets Under construction
1972 Packets Under construction
1973 Packets Under construction
1976 Packets
1977 Packets
Sample Packets

Pages: Following are links to the "raw" files. Each file consists of one LNS page, in .jpg format. We will be adding more, through 1981.

1968 Pages
1968 Pages Better Quality
1969 Pages
1970 Pages
1971 Pages
1972 Pages
1973 Pages
1976 Pages
1977 Pages